Tuesday, December 12, 2006

IDS makes it oh so clear

Poverty is bad, as are poor people. Poor people should get married, this will stop crime and people, families and communities will be harmonious. A slight problem would probably be that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce. How will IDS cut down divorce? Cash incentives, of course! Don't love each other? Here have some cash. Get bashed around? No worries, here's a cheque.

What the Social Justice group fails to grip is the role tax credits play in alleviating poverty. Tax credits, in some form or another, remain a necessity until the Minimum Wage is raised to a level whereby the state need not fill the gap between an actual wage and a practical living wage.

Still being in oppostion isn't about finding answers, is it?

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No but we don't need the state. Only the family as an institution, victorian values and marriage. Thats really going to solve poverty. Not.
Victorian values? I think we have to go a little further back than that to a time before electricity, gas, books, pens, slate, chalk, toilets, beds.

The iron age? Back even more? Mud huts and leaves for toilet paper.

It works for team building weekend events. You know. Togetherness. Working as a team for a common cause......
You can joke about it, but it's true. There were never any graffiti problems or joyriders or crackheads in the twelfth century. Admittedly, there was at least one high-profile hoodie going around mugging people near Nottingham, but a quick hug and he'd be alright.
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