Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's the season for contrived and insincere Christmas Cards

Ding, dong merrily on high. Yep, it's coming up for Christmas and it's that time of the year when scarcely thought of acquaintances pop out of the woodwork with a card conveying heartfelt season's greetings. Lovely.
Yet like most things in modern, capitalist society the Christmas Card has become something of a fad, a fashion if you will. And very much en vogue this year is the card from the 'caring' MP whose true altruism shines through by them having a competition in local schools to pick the 'loveliest' Yuletide picture for their card. Ah. Bless. Whatever. It is the most cynical ploy ever: "Hey look at me. I love kids. Aren't they great?" To answer that is easy: no. Firstly, the pictures aren't very good. This should not come as any particular surprise as the winning artist is normally under 10 and barely capable of holding a pencil. Secondly, I am sure this was kind of kitsch and sweet when maybe one MP did it. Now it's a grotesque contest of sickly proportions, with literally dozens of MPs opting for this kind of card. And what could possibly top off this complete lack of taste? How's about a printed signature? Yeh, that's right. Some of these highly considerate, touchy-feely and sensitive MPs care so much about the recipient that they cannot even be arsed to sign it themself. On the record, I can categorically state that my MP (employer rather than my own representative) has gone for a 'classic' design and signs them all in person. One MP said to me: "Tomorrow, I've got to sign about a thousand cards." I bit my tongue (figuratively rather than actually) because my burning thought was: "How the f*ck did you get 1000 friends? Or is this just an insincere, sinister plot to get more votes, brown-nose and keep in good books?"
It's the season to be happy...but not if you're a cynic.

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Absolutely agree with you Barry - kiddie-designed Christmas cards look shite and printed signatures are lazy - I'm glad my boss has nothing to do with them.

However I can see that it's an easy way of getting some press exposure and gives the MP a reason to go visiting their schools.
They go to loads of schools anyway - at least my MP does! The ones I am hating more than the kiddy cards with printed signatures (Mr Malik anyone?) are the lobbying ones that pretend to be Christmas greetings but are just a chaep lobbying device. This was good when the first ones came out several years ago. Now they are just annoying and in our office go straight into the recycling. If you want to lobby - send a letter!
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