Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Litvinenko: Some hitherto unknown facts

The death under incredibly suspicious (i.e. murder) circumstances of Alexander Litvinenko is the story that has grabbed the attention of every blogger who has little else to blog about.
However, in all my surfing; I have not found any post actually come down to brass tacks. I read about it in the Jewish Chronicle (JC), a paper that I do not religously (excuse the shocking pun) take. However, page 4 of the JC has a story about Litvinenko. Hmmm, I thought, was he Jewish? No he wasn't, but he did live in Muswell Hill and he did have friends who were members of Muswell Hill Synagogue.
Well, isn't that fantastic journalism? The JC specialises in this form of scoop. I still have fond memories of reading that Edgar Davids can speak hebrew and that David Beckham is a 1/4 Jewish.
Oh well, made me laugh.

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