Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lovely Jubbly

It's Darts galore with the PDC world tournamnet currently underway on Sky Sports. Meanwhile Auntie will be broadcasting her version of the World Championship in the New Year. Sadly, I'll be missing it as I'll be on holiday.
Anyway, what with all this darts and what with all this time off work coming up; I feel it necessary to recommend this little beauty as recommended to me by Beef Source Big Johnny. Bobby 'the Dazzler' George, the original cockney rebel, well not original that was Steve Harley, is releasing his book; his very own life-story. Given that George did not throw his first dart until he was 30 the book kind of takes the form of a Christmas fairytale. But just don't let the big lad hear you comparing him to a fairy.

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