Friday, December 08, 2006


One night in the Sports and Social, there was a group of chums getting merrily tipsy and, for some reason, a quite splendidly raucous few verses of Old McDonald ensued. There was Lord Lucan doing an impressive bull, my goodself doing a very ill chicken, A Source Close To The Bar doing a dolphin and Comrade Hamburger doing a w*nking duck. Quite the farm, I'm sure you'll agree. "But Barry why are you telling me this?", I hear you shout at the monitor. Well it's a long-winded method of introducing a brand-new Beef Source. This Northern gentleman did a mild, growling roar which was sort of half-Lion and half-Bull thus from this day forth he shall be known as LIBEL (geddit?). Anyway Libel has different tastes than me and was surfing the all-singing, all-dancing site of George Galloway MP. Indeed it is the MOTHER AND FATHER of all internet websites. Say what you want about the Gorgeous One but, when it is finished, his website will look pretty smart and anyone who has the MP3 of Edwin Starr's War on the front-page is ok with me. Well only sort of, I really don't care for Galloway that much.
There are some parts of the website which are yet to be completed so there's a message from Galloway instead. A message, which ends with a comment you perhaps wouldn't normally attribute to the Defender of the Oppressed (tm). See if you can spot the anomaly.

I hope you enjoy it this site. Once we've filled it with material, I hope it inspires you to get involved, to campaign against war, privatisation, cutbacks, racism, fascism and global justice.

So I hope you will all join Galloway in campaigning against global justice.

Update: On re-reading this post, I think you'd have to agree that the grammar in the sentence: "I hope you enjoy it this site" is lacking one fundamental necessity: it's wrong.

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I would just like to grab Barry by his horns and call him to order.

I admit it was a throaty roar hardly worthy of the great thunderous cat Lionel, however I was merely perusing GG's site in the hope of finding something as beautiful in its clear misguided simplicity as the quote above!

No further comment your honour.
As punishment, you must stay in the grim, freezing north for the foreseeable.
It was more of a cow than a bull but you're right it was very impressive.
Oi! What about my pussy
gis a link then ya tit
a link to what?
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