Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monty kicks Aussie butt

And then God created Monty. A 5-for on his Ashes debut (incidentally the third best test innings figures by a spinner and the WACA) shows how embarrassingly inept Fletch was in not plumping for the man-child over Giles and his dodgy hip. Just to see England go out and there and play like they can is so great. Ok at 51-2 we're already ostenisbly in the dog house, but I think (or is that blindly hope?) that England will bat well tomorrow and build a first innings lead. And Harmison getting four wickets and bowling with pace, bounce and even control. Oh happy day. Come on England.

Update: So what is the reason for England's good day in the field? Well no less a cricketing aficionado than Ray 'Butch' Wilkins hit the nail on the head by saying England just needed a bit of donald. Donald Duck = luck. God bless you, Butch; God bless cockneys and God bless Monty Panesar.

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I hope your English phlegm is strong today.
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