Thursday, December 28, 2006

Potentially exciting times for this blog

Some late-breaking news. In the New Year, I hope to have the opportunity to interview two very different people: John McDonnell and Bobby George. I imagine both will be questions and answers over email, but please feel free to email me suggested questions with your name (or preferred nom de plume), location and age (for the desired tabloid effect) to - the interviews will not be too serious/detailed, meaning that I have no aversion to asking McDonnell political questions but please don't bollocks on about boring stuff. Interesting question will naturally receive preferential treatment (and hopefully an answer) I look forward to receiving your emails.

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To Bobby George - How many pieces of gold jewellery are you wearing at this precise moment, and how much does it weigh in total?

To John McDonnell - Don't you think you need some more bling?

(serious suggestions will appear in an email, if I ever think of any)
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