Thursday, December 28, 2006

Russell's got a Brand new old bag

This post was to be about Russell Brand and Vanessa Feltz, but has descended into, even if I say so myself, a rather good James Brown pun. So at the age of 73, the Godfather of Soul has passed away. Rumours abound that his last word was "owwwwwwwwwwwwww" - sorry couldn't resist. It's bad though as I shared a birthday with him, a fact of which he remained tragically unaware. I also shared my birthday with 'Sugar' Ray Robinson, one of the greatest boxers off all time. And Machiavelli. Now's it just me, Henry 'get your jab in first' Cooper and Geraint Davies, the former MP for Croydon Central.
So back to Brand. I don't like the guy. I find him pretty unamusing and his whole schitck does my head in to be honest. I did enjoy Rod Stewart publicly shaming him when Brand had falsely claimed to have nobbed his daughter (Stewart's not his own). Anyway, that font of all earthly knowledge the Jewish Chronicle contained an interview with Vanessa Feltz, which I tolerated for about one line before I read her comment on Russell Brand: "I absolutely adored him" waxed the old munt-bag, whose name is Yiddish for bingo wings. That's bad branding, Russell.

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