Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tornado relief?

Was quite surprised to read of the tornado sweeping through one street in London. It sounds just like Twister but without Pierce Brosnan. One report said a wall was missing off a house. Now where have I recently seen a wall that could be a suitable replacement?'s about the wrapped wall (in either wrapping paper or a silver and red England flag) out of the Debate?

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Does Mr Susan love that wall as much as Linsay?

I bet she does.
Whoa! Talk about life imitating art!
Pierce Brosnan wasn't in Twister, the main dude in it was Bill Baxton and the dude'ette was Helen Hunt.
you rumbled me. brosnan was in dante's peak. perhaps this and twister can easily be confused like any Brit rom-com can be referred to as a Richard Curtis film, even if Curtis has no direct involvement.
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