Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Violent attacks on cash in transit couriers

Attacks on cash in transit couriers is a recurrent problem that the Unions, to their credit, try to lobby MPs to petition the Home Office to make such offences punishable in line with the scale of human damage as opposed to their current status of business crime.
I would support this for obvious reasons. Something must be done and outside of ensuring that all cash in transit couriers are married and that they only deliver to areas where everyone is married, I would advocate this re-classification. So why has the campaign struggled? Perhaps because the Chief Exceucitve of British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is none other than cheap-as-chips, David Dickinson. Really! Does anybody know of any better senior management peeps with famous names? I am aware of Roger Moore, the Chief Executive of the Appointments Commission. Post suggestions in the comments

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What about former cheif of defence staff...Michael Jackson
Peter Kay is Chief Executive Officer of the Sporting Chance Clinic innit.
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