Monday, December 04, 2006

Walford? Oh yeh, just outside of Vaudeville

Darling readers, I must admit I have had a lapse. I am only human, albeit in the form of a Bull. I have not been keeping all that up-to-date with Stenders recently. I don't know some things just get in your way, like a social life.
However, I rectified this wrong by watching the omnibus on Sunday and, by criminy, it was excellent. The ongoing plots centred around the perenially glum auntie and nephew combo of Pauline Fowler and Ian Beale. Pauline, fresh from nearly dying in a house fire, has fabricated a brain tumour (not tuba, as I mistakenly heard) to prevent Martin's reconciliation with Sonia, saying that the tears Martin is crying now are nothing compared to what will come if she lets Sonia get back into Martin's life. Please spare a thought for Joe, the man who previously voiced Mr Ben is not being treated too well by his Pauline, but Joe does do that 'put upon' demeanour pretty well.
Meanwhile, Ian is hell-bent on humiliating his would-be bride, Jane. Because Jane had slept with Grant, a man whose romantic leanings suggest what ordinary men would call wind. Not content with this, Ian wants to get one over on arch-rival Phil and Peggy. This instantly spells disaster as Ian Beale never gets one's one over Phil.There are comic turns from Gary and Minty (the Laurel and Hardy of Walford); Dot and Kevin Wicks winning the pools. However, if the great minds of Strictly Come Dancing were judging Eastenders, it would be the star performance of Charlie and Mo that would steal the show. "Fantastic, enchanting and convincing" three adjective Craig Revel-Horwood would crow, whilst Len Goodman would certainly be giving at least a 9.
Anyway, as it transpires Phil rumbles Ian's plan and tips off Jane who no-shows the wedding leading to a confrontation to end all confrontations as Jane and Ian open their hearts in the torrential rain and end up having an improbable mudfight. Mudfighting, or mudwrestling, is an excellent idea which never works if Ian bloody fucking Beale is involved. However, it appears that Ian and Jane sort out their differences and have a heart-warming (if you're a putz) reconciliation in the middle of the square. Pauline walks past mid-scowl and Ian breaks the great news, saying that although things hadn't gone as he had planned, he was so happy blah blah and he wants Paulnie to be involved in this love-in yadda yadda. Pauline asks Ian if he's serious, Ian says he is to which Pauline fires back "Well you can go to hell" In your face Beale. The below clip covers the comedy element.

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This is an excellent post.

I, too, have fallen behind a little on Enders of late, due to one's social life taking over.

However, I ensured I watched last week's shennanigans and they were FABULOUS.

I cannot praise the drama enough.
Excellent post Bazza! I swear it must be you putting those hilarious clips on YouTube. I prefer your summary of highlights as opposed to the TV Quick soap round up. Any chance of doing Hollyoaks too?
and i cannot praise you enough for ending your self-imposed exile by commenting here. Long live Stenders.
i actually watched the Hollyoaks omnibus too...
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