Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Who says darts players are fat?

Darts has an unfortunate image, it is seen by long-haired, girlie types as a pursuit, a mere hobby. This image is borne out of prejudice encouraged and massaged by skits such as this infamous one from Not The Nine O'Clock News.

However, this is a fallacy. Players such as myself, the new and ever slimmer the Lord Lucan and the positively stick-like 2Darts are regularly at the oche along with other poor emaciated souls who used to count Recess Monkey amongst their flock.

And to prove the point? Well here is picture of Mitchell Clegg, who at 16 is the youngest ever player in a World Championship. Look at him. What an athlete. Point made and point f*cked up horrendously.

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Check it Once

Mate. I'll have you know that I've been working on my counter weight (beer gut) for a while now. Still nothing developing though. For a while I thought I was getting somewhere and then realised that it was bloatedness due to an intolerance for wheat products. Damn!
Raymond Barneveld anyone?

A man so thin he can only have spent much of his youth having his lunch sat next to Jocky Wilson - who bullied him obviously.

John Part is hardly obese. Colin 'the' Monk could also pass for a normal member of the public I think.

I could go on, Steve 'the Bronze Adonis' Beaton, that bloke who is Phil 'the Power' Taylor's parawan, that bird from soccer am.

Also who's that bloke at the top? I have spent days avoiding the f***ing cricket and he comes along with his 'bot' no doubt. A virus on all your houses - idiot.
no idea who u r referring to as 'that bloke at the top'

also i think u may be confusing Barnie (who's quite portly) for roland scholten who is truly skeletal

School boy error

I didn't mean Barney. Of course I should have said Roland Scholten.

I know it's too late loving your work Barry.
I'm growing the girlie hair again if you are interested. :-)
it's not too late at all, and I am loving your comments.
clegg looks like a poor man's charlton hofie
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