Friday, December 15, 2006

Woodn't you believe it?

In the most tenuous Christmas link I can muster, EDM 132 has been tabled regarding logging. To be more specific illegal logging. To go with such a worthy cause is the de rigeur circular email with the intriguingly curious, if flawed, title "Please make illegal logging illegal: Sign EDM 132."
The obvious question being if something is already illegal, how can it be made illegal? The email goes into more detail: "I believe it is necessary to make it illegal to import illegal timber into the EU. As my MP, please sign EDM 132 which calls on the UK Government to actively support moves in the EU for legislation to combat this illegal trade."
So it is currently legal to import illegal timber into the EU? What constitutes illegal timber? Timber with an ASBO? Hoodie timber?

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It's timber that hasn't been paying child maintenance allowance to all its little seedlings.
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