Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yule Log/Special delivery

Here's a Christams tale to warm your cockles. As everyone knows the evil, sinister Government (booooooo...they're behind you) are intent on shutting down all Post Offices and casting pensioners out onto the streets, braving the cold and gales to find the closest bank (which, according to Natwest adverts of years gone by, has probably been changed into a classy wine bar). However, one Post Office that has not been culled* is in Truro, Cornwall and BRAND NEW Beef Souce, Bart Simpson brought my attention to this nugget of a story.
As the Metro reports; disaster struck as the Post Office had to be evacuated after an incontinent man staged a dirty protest in the doorway leading to staff and customers to vacate the premises becuase of the omnipotent smell of sh*t. The perpetrator of this misdemeanour was a homeless man, known only as Colin, who was allegedly remonstrating because he had been refused treatment for gangrene. Why he was seeking treatment for gangrene in a Post Office is anyone's guess.

* Post Offices are only closed when they are not economically viable. This fact falls on deaf ears in the case of pensioners who are...deaf.

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