Monday, January 29, 2007

How old is too old?

Of course, it is the case of Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, the 67 year old Spanish lady to have given birth to twins. Alas mother nature can take no praise for this one, as she received IVF treatment. Ah, the wonders of modern science. There is a moral dilemma of is it right for a 67 year old to give birth given that in all likelihood she'll be 6ft under before the kids reach 6ft.
Another, perhaps more pertient reason, would be that Old Mum (to abbreviate her) lied to get the treatment. The cut-off age being 55. What a wonderful example to set to the kids. "Can't get what you want? Well lie, lie and lie some more." Perhaps here a question or two should be raised about the security precautions involved in getting IVF, for instance do you not need to prove your age?
I don't know if things are getting on top of her already but she is certainly looking stretched. Like really stretched. Stretched in the same way that Barry Manilow and Anne Robinson look stretched.
Defending her decision, Old Mum simply said: "That’s life. I have my motives." Of course she said this is Spanish, but the important point being is that it isn't life at all, is it? No sir, it is science. Fair enough but let's get the facts straight. Just a minor quibble there. The old age already seems to have played its hand with Old Mum calling one of her twins 'Pau', obviously a poor name. Apologies to any readers called Pau. Little Pau and twin Christian were born at a weight of only 3 1/2 pounds. Must've been like having china in your hand. Albeit little china.
How is Old Mum going to be able to take part in the Three-Legged Race at Sports Day? Oh the ramifications, I tell you.

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cheers for the link Barry
and there i was hoping for some insightful comment on Old Mum.
Pleasure old boy. Sorry it's in blue, but you understand i can't change my colour scheme...
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