Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jesus Christ, it's Tom Cruise (again)

I imagine being the Son of God must be a trying profession. Perhaps there's not much scope to have a laugh being somewhat preoccupied with, well you know, like saving the world and enriching the lives of everyone and everything. Imagine how hard it must be then if you are a loon and part of a nutty, nay implausible, religious sect who turn around and say:

"Hey you're really rich and famous, fancy being the Chosen One"

It's tempting to nod and consent. So imagine that you are the anointed one, a Messiah and then you find out that some bastards have made a butt-plug shaped like you. I imagine that would knock your credibility. Thank you to John Wrathall for bringing this tickling piece to my attention. This brings to mind that Valentines Day is fast approaching.

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Hey! That arse looks like Tom Cruise!
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