Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rocky Balboa

How good was Rocky Balboa? Just quality. I know they're bollocking on about how the Queen is going to win the Best Film Oscar. I mean, it was good but who would pick the Queen playing Helen Mirren over this blockbuster? The schmucks who give out the awards, I guess. By the way, if the Queen wins; who accepts the Oscar? Helen Mirren or the Queen? I think it would do a lot for the monarchy's popularity to have an Oscar winner. They already have BBC Sports Personalities of the Year in Princess Anne and Zara Phillips. Anyway back to Rocky. Basically the man hasn't lost it. And he can still dish out some blunt force trauma. I know I am quite a big fan of the Rocky series, but I think most people who enjoy this effort, unless they are total pricks, of course.


The posters have a warning saying "Contains moderate, infrequent boxing violence". I'm sure the producers are thrilled...
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