Friday, February 16, 2007

Climate Change

Climate Change is a big deal, actually it is probably the big deal. I don't mean to scare any of you, but we're in trouble and we're all going to die. The skin will be scorched from our faces and polar bears will all die of heat exhaustion due to wearing fur coats in very hot temperatures. I hope this conveys the seriousness of the issue, so thank goodness we have so many people switched on to the problems. Phew, you can sleep easy tonight. The Labour Government, the bastion of all things virtuous, will tackle the issue by ploughing on with more nuclear power and doing not a lot to tackle big industry. The Tories, ever ecologically alert, have appointed Zac Goldsmith (hey he's young and good-looking) as the Chair of a Quality of Life Policy Group and David 'Dave' Dave Cameron cycles to work with some chauffeur following behind with his things. And then there's that most tireless of campaigners Al Gore, the maker of An Inconvenient Truth, who is so tireless it is almost conceivable that he forgets taking an 8 year hiatus (1992-2000) when he was Clinton's Vice President and did approximately f*ck-all to curb the US' massive environmental abuses.
So we're all going to hell in a handcart? No, of course not; because we're going to have some really big gigs. I'm sure these will evoke comparisons with Live Aid, but truly these will be crap and will certainly have no effect on Climate Change. And are they expected to raise awareness of Climate Change? Every man and his dog has an opinion on this subject, so I cannot see any point apart from all of these artists having the ability to pat themselves on the back and say: "Hey, I've done my bit for Climate Change." The answer to which would presumably be: "What exactly?"


Presume you've seen your mention in the Guardian diary this morning Mr Beef?,,2014321,00.html
indeed sir and being so vain i have blogged it below and scanned the piece in.
oh right yeah. Dur.
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