Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Krypton Factor

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. This has been due to work, more specifically work really getting under my skin and knocking the good humour out of my bones. I'll probably start again when things get a bit merrier, but one thing that continues to shine through persistently; a veritable beacon in a sea of scum would be Ftn and I really have been enjoying the Krypton Factor, a truly mesmeric series. It's easy to let time dull your memories, but how can you improve on a quiz that gave you the obstacle course. Here is Marian Chanter. Incidentally she went on to win the 1987 Krypton Factor becoming the first woman victor. Indeed she was awarded the title by none other than Imran Khan, now in all seriousness that is a phenomenal special guest. I caught the first episode of Krypton Factor 1988 and Gordon Burns announced that she had given up her job (she was a cornish pastie maker) to forge a television career, hmmmmmmm...don't think that lasted too long.


According to ww.ukgameshows.com "the Krypton Factor had a number of clothing merchandises, including a pair of black trainers bearing the Krypton K on the sides and the tongue". Your challenge, fellow BB readers - find a pair, size 9, and send them to our trainer-crazy bull.
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