Friday, February 02, 2007

Return of the Mack

If there's one thing we can learn from the factual fly-on-wall documentary, Party Animals it is that bag-carriers not only aspire to, but also can grow into roles of immense power. But it shouldn't take some pseudo-political, sexually charged BBC farrago to prove this, just look at the improbable looking Steve McLaren, head honcho of England but better known as bag-carrier in chief to Svennis and Fergie.
And after doing the bare minimum to prove his worth, he pitches up as England coach. If there is one man who could possibly induce a feeling of enthused nostalgia for Svennis, it is McLaren. Results have gone down the pan.
Today, he should redeem himself by recalling such players as Kieron Dyer and Jonathan Woodgate to the squad. With Ashley Cole now out surely Matty Taylor of Portsmouth should get the call as back up for Wayne Bridge? I would also like to see Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton in the squad together with Scott Carson - for my money the best English keeper in the Premiership.
However, Macca's day got off to a sluggish start as another Macca stole the limelight: Massimo Maccarone, the former U-21 Italian international incredibly improbably signed for a whopping £8.15 million by none other than...Steve McLaren during his tenure as Middlesbrough chief. Massimo Maccarone was never really given a fair crack of the whip at Boro, I mean if you splurge over £8 million, it's probably worth giving the lad a run in the team? Pah! What do I know? I'm not the England manager. I'll let the hot blooded Italian's comment stand alone, I don't think there's a lot to add, but I do reckon there's something rotten in the state of Steve McLaren.

"The ever-smiling Steve 'The Magnificent' McClaren is the most two-faced and false person I've had the misfortune to meet in football. He disgusted me by leaving me on the bench for the 2004 League Cup final after having told everyone I was his number one and he was counting on me. At the end all he could do was mutter 'I know, I know'."

Rumours abound that he has been misquoted, or rather mis-translated but he can't have been mistranslated that inaccurately, can he? McLaren seems to be gutless, tactically naive (or inept) without demanding the respect of his players.

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