Thursday, February 15, 2007


Some of you may have seen that for a while now I have been displaying the MessageSpace service. This service is predominantly run by Alex Hilton, a good friend and Comrade, and he kindly included me in this project. Not that my levels of readership merit it in the slightest, but het thought he'd do me a good turn. So far I have earned about £2.75 through this, although I have yet to see this bounty; I think Alex - my benefactor - has put it in a trust fund in some tax-free haven.
Today, I received an email drawing attention to Messagespace adverts from 18 Doughty/Dullty Street that had been somewhat partisan, despite Dale's claims that 18 DS is not politically biased, dissing London's very own Ken Livingstone. These adverts will now no longer appear on this blog (honestly, I don't think the adverts even referred to Red Ken as 'a lovely guy who has an unfortunate propensity of occassionally appearing slightly, of course inadvertently, anti-Semitic). At the moment, MessageSpace seems to be advertising...itself.

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