Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mixed news for Essex boys as England name World Cup XV

In with the new and out with the old was the key phase for England's World Cup squad. Mal Loye, the explosive opening bat, has lost out to Essex all-rounder, Ravi Bopara for the last spot in the England squad. Loye (36)* has long since been the scourge of County attacks on the domestic front, but despite several bright starts has failed to go on and score a big score for England. Bopara (21)** offers a lot of what England need: an intelligent, elegant batsman who can bowl a fair bit - his first international wicket (which he is celebrating in the photo) was none other than 'Mr Cricket' Mike Hussey. He also gives the squad a better balance as England already have sufficent top order batsmen in the XV. It's unlucky for Loye but given captain Michael Vaughan's (32)*** tendency to get injured he may well yet appear.
On the bowling front it is as expected with Saj Mahmood (25)**** getting the nod over Stuart Broad (20)***** Personally, I would have gone the other way with Mahmood being a bit expensive for my taste and Broad is a type of quick that we don't have in the squad. What it does mean is the end of Darren Gough's international career. As England flopped from disgraceful performance to abysmal surrender to abject attempt of cricket, Gough was again touted as the saviour. However, as England turned things around and eventually prevailed against the Convict Scum ******, it became clear that England could win without Gough (36)*******. I think we can now expect Gough not to renew his contract and Essex and to announce his retirement imminently. I hope this isn't the case, Essex needs you Dazzler!

* including their age in brackets clearly denotes journalistic talent and research
** ditto
*** ditto
**** God, I'm good
***** So good
****** No, they really are.
******* You get the drill now?

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Thought Mahmood was starting to live up to his potential in the last few matches, so reckon he deserves the nod.

The lack of a second wicketkeeper is a bit of a surprise, although on reflection is probably not a bad idea.
true, especially as trescothick used to be able to put the gloves on in an emergency. not like england get injuries though, so we should be ok.
it could be worse, you could be from new zealand and just heard you have recalled daryl tuffey.
Come on old chap,

Having 'wasted' my winter half awake, we look like we might win a couple of teatime games!!!
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