Thursday, February 01, 2007

On yer bike

Not much gets past the eagle-eyed, Dudley Eyebrows (25) especially things that happen on his patch, nay his manor. And with that in mind he brought this daring escapade to my attention. Now, regularly, armed robberies are not a subject to giggle about, but seriously...what happened to the getaway vehicle? A pedal cycle? Eyebrows informed me that Dixon's Green is on a hill and disappearing up the road in the direction of Dudley is uphill. That must have made for quite vision; some criminal with a swag bag giving it hell for leather (or pedal to the metal) on a kiddies' bike.
But how would you recognise this brigand? Well the description is quite specific, isn't it? "The man was described as approximately 5ft 9ins to 5ft 10ins tall" - hmmmmm...5ft 9 1/2ins is that then? That's very exact. But how else would you reconise this person? The article continues telling us that the perpetrator is of: "medium build, with his face covered and dressed all in black." God's teeth! Does he always have his face covered and dress all in black? I would even go so far as to say that that description is of absolutely no use at all.

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