Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strange bedfellows

The story of the fascist ballerina, Simone Clarke was one that left me cold. I couldn't give a toss about ballet, so I am not about to pass judgement on what political affiliation the should hold. If you don't approve, don't go. Easy.
And it seems that my view on this was shared by no less than an authority than the Liberal Democrat party. Richard Younger-Ross, the shadow shadow spokesperson for DCMS concluded:
"It would set a deeply worrying precedent if employment with publicly funded organisations depends on whether or not a person’s political views are palatable to the political and media establishment...The Liberal Democrats, while vehemently opposing the political beliefs of Simone Clarke, will nonetheless defend her right to hold them" before adding "We need to remember that this witch-hunt has provided the BNP with much more publicity than they would have otherwise received."
And this is the key point, the Liberal Democrats do not want to give the BNP publicity because otherwise it could come to light that they are actually in cahoots with the fascists in Burnley. And that is not a story to which they would wish to draw attention.
I see that Political Hack covered this last week and would obviously like to tip my hat, or whatever the blogging code of conduct is, in that direction. I like that the Lib Dum chappies sought to justify voting fascist by saying they were reflecting the thoughts of the people and were railing against Labour over-representation.
"The Lib Dems are, by their very name, liberal-minded and democratic" they said in their defence, they should have ended by saying "and by their nature they are fucking idiots with no morals"

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