Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wilkinson puts Scotland to the sword

Never all that fussed about the old egg-ball chasing, but I know enough (just) to know that England played pretty well in overcoming the Scots. And Johnny Wilkinson's day was Hollywood material down to being awarded a dodgy try. The bloke realy can kick goals from anywhere. The French also got off to a winning start and fielded the scariest looking fucker I've seen for quite some time; one Sebastien Chabal - you wouldn't wanna get in a scrap with him would you?And today was the Welsh losing out to the Irish in a match that was eminently watchable. By my limited knowledge I reckon those two looked the best, but we shall see.


Incidentally Chabal - the hairy french guy - drives a Smart car and is a regular sight round cheadle.

Although when i say drive, i mean of course wear.
What is a Dullty Street Ad doing there. Shame on you, Barry. I said shame on you.
Sebastien Chabal doesn't look scary at all. He looks like the bloke in Passion of the Christ. Yeah. Jesus. How can Jesus be scary?
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