Thursday, March 29, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

So Stevie Mac doesn't care what people write? Well that's handy. Another woefully, inept performance last night. Even after having my senses dulled by alcohol and fish goujons, this sucked. Macca do the right thing, put your hand up and say you are not doing a very good job. Then consider very carefully whether you, in your heart of hearts, think you're up to the job. If you are, then please demonstrate it soon. At your own convenience, of course. If, on the other hand, you feel incapable of doing the job, feel you are not cut out for it, out of your depth and totally clueless (perish the thought) then go. Resign. And go back to some poor unsuspecting team. Seriously, you're making me feel all nostalgic for Sven, I have never heard so many people say that they don't care about England. This is down to you. And the players naturally, but mostly you. How have you managed to get Rooney playing quite so shockingly? Why on Earth, do you think England might be a better team with Phil Neville around (even Sven had the sense to drop him)? Now that you saw Stevie G boss the show from the middle will, you please not put him back on the wing? Finally, if we don't have quality strikers, why do you continue to play 4-4-2? If you want to play Frank and Stevie G (which you so obviously do) why don't you play a five-man midfield? God's sake, I'm just a jobbing blogger but there are loads of us who really think you're crap and you're dragging our country down with you.

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