Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bob Woolmer

It has come to light that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistani coach, was strangled to death. His death was tragedy enough, but the evidence of foul play casts a long shadow over international cricket. Nothing can counter-balance Mr Woolmer's death but, if as suggested in many quarters, his murder was ordered because of his willingness to expose the shadowy world of corruption and match-fixing in cricket; I can only hope that it is not only the assailant/s who are caught but also that the underworld figures lurking like rats are found and punished accordingly. The spectre of match-fixing has hung over the world of cricket for a great many years now and the ICC must act firmly and decisively to root out this evil.


Capitalism is killing cricket - literally it would seem.
Investigators may find that the criminals have friends in high places.
Though as yet I am unconvinced that crickt corruption is the motive for the murder.
I've posted a Woolmer tribute if anyone is interested.
If anything, it's corruption that's in danger of "killing" cricket, not capitalism ...

I've also got a tribute to Woolmer.

Still can't believe he's been murdered. Wonder if there's any link with Hansie's death?
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