Monday, March 05, 2007

He's just spinning around

Down the years, England have had a disturbing habit of playing spin with as much confidence as a frustrated virgin in a swingers bar. Shane Warne might as well be bowling an invisible ball and then there's Murali, Harbajhan, Mushie, Saqlain and Kumble. Bloody hell, I even remember New Zealand's Matthew Hart deceiving England back in the 1990s. But Bermuda's Dwayne Leverock? Well quite. This guy is on the burly side of burly. He's a big lad but he's just finished with figures of 2-32 off 10 overs - the wickets of KP and Collingwood quenching his appetite. According to the gospel of all things cricket, Cricinfo Leverock is not the "fleetest of foot in the outfield".
Mind if Leverock can turn it wildly, you got to think that monty is going to rip this lot out in quick order. Here's hoping anyway.

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Monty's hardly needed what with the pacemen destroying them all. Ok, let's give him an over or two, just so that he can get a wicket.
Leverock drives prison vans in his free time.
I don't think he'd describe it as his free time M'Lud.
If he were to describe it as free time, would you disagree with him?
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I wouldn't argue with him about anything...have you seen the size of the man?
The point I was making, was that his occupation is prison van driver (although Wikipedia and several other identical articles say he is a policeman in his homecountry), and that he bowls out Englishmen for a passtime.
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