Monday, March 12, 2007

Reality TV: It's just for Charity, folks!

For some reason, of which I'm still not 100% sure, I decided to stay in on Saturday and Sunday. I think the deluge of football and rugby might have contributed to this decision. However, it did permit me to catch Fame Academy (but PLEASE vote it's for Comic Relief blurgh) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn't bode well for me as the celebs were introduced and first up was Anjelica Bell billed as: 'the comeback to end all comebacks.' This is unfortunate as it means I've not heard of her twice. Other celbes include Mel Giedroyc, one half of my least favourite comic duo ever. Oh no. Here comes Barry! It's Barry Evans. I know Barry can sing, I've seen him do karaoke at Churchills, Canterbury and as impressive as his voice was it was nowhere near as silky and classy as him trying to get two brids to get off with each other at the bar. Thankfully, no such tomfoolery on this show. Please, it's for charity.
And Colin doesn't like the judges. The contrived, I don't like the judges thing. Check. And then there's Fred, the Comedian who can't sing. No, but please; he's trying and it's for charity after all, also is that bird off Heartbeat always on the lash?
Throughly unimpressed, but hey it's for charity. Sorry, but no good.

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