Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Super Fit MP

Today saw Super Fit Steak make it on to the Wednesday menu in the Debate and, I don't quite know how but I imagine it's some form of word association, it reminded me of Googly telling me about a Super Fit MP. Now I saw Adam Boulton's Top 10 list of Hot MPs: I think it lacked a lot, but never mind quibbling about whether Julia Goldsworthy should have made the list (of course she should have) or how on earth did Theresa May make it (I can only assume it was an unresearched piece and he confused her with the porn star of the same name) for this is small beer, if you want a Super Fit MP check out the Australian Labour MP for Adelaide. Googly's picked it alright.

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Kate Ellis. I was rather pleased to get that (until I noticed it in the labels for that post). :-/

She's recently got engaged, if I remember rightly, to a T&G guy.

Don't get accused of harassing her:

She's one hell of a sheila!

Are you sure you are not actually dyslexic and have just been spelling dyspraxia wrong for all these years?
I bet Gutbuster would love the opportunity to take her for an all day breakfast!
Not sure what the Red Fox will think when reading this Mr Beef!!
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