Thursday, March 29, 2007

What if the Internet was a bit older?

I remember the first time I saw Trainspotting. It was immense, good tunes, loads of drugs, random violence. This was 90s Britain! Of course, we all remember Tommy who in the film is a clean-cut, fitness freak who descends into a heroin addled hell, culminating in HIV.
Still, could have been worse: what if he got addicted to Facebook? Since joining Facebook, I have not added a shave or a square meal, it is more addicitve than Stick Cricket. I now talk incessantly about Facebook. What a jibbering wreck, I have become.

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You are Peaches Geldof and I claim my £5,,2046136,00.html
Told you it was addictive flower
Its bloody madness! You go in the Sports and everybody is taking photos to put on Facebook.
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