Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.

Congratulations to Recess Monkey, his articles on the demise (untrue) and resurrection (patently insane) of Lady Thatcher have now received more comments than the Number 10 petition on road pricing.
I checked it out on this site and can confirm she's alive. Not sure what happened to her hair in the picture, but she's still alive.
The artcile that sums this sorry little scenario up the best is this gem on Ministry of Truth which sums up Prague Tory pretty succinctly. I had only occassionally come across him in comment sections on sites like Monkey and didn't realise others hold a similarly low view of him, in particular Bob Piper. Tory Spice Boys? I like the sound of that. Like the Scouse Spice Boys of the late 90s, but presumably scummier.
Back to Thatcher and her non-death and Recess Monkey's subsequent non-article and apology. At least, he apologised which is more than it warranted. He made a mistake, the self-same day Prague Tory had posted a piece on Liberal Democrats claiming that Patsy Calton had a small majority in Cheadle. I informed Prague via comments that she had sadly passed away. I also asked for an apology. None were forthcoming and the ungracious Dominic deleted my comments and amended his blog - the VERY THING (caps means tabloid style fury and exasperation) he (falsely - the prick doesn't understand that alt text is not, strictly speaking, part of the article) accused Recess Monkey of doing. I also called him a prick.
Speaking of dying, although of course nobody is, that being said Ministry of Truth is quite right in asserting that if she had snuffed it the very nexy day Monkey could have claimed a premonition. He's always reminded me of Russell Grant; the links on my blog are dying or mothballing (as I think the blogging term is?? Still not sure what astro-turfers are - and I used to supprt Luton Town...) so gone from the links go Reclaim Labour, the Carpetbaggers (hope this comes back soon) and Idiots for Labour to be replaced by Ministry of Truth and, well can't think of who else.

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further links added: SlangSite for like slang, innit? Good for urban needs. A DVD comparison site - tres handy and Guano Forks like 5thnovember, but a day early.
A Luton Town fan!!

And I thought you couldn't slip any further in my estimations! ;-)
True to form, you picked up the nearest rock you could find. Someone who has just called Thatcher the "c" word on another site isn't going to get much slack at my place and if you're going to call me a prick, that's it, no platform. Come over when you have something sensible to say. PS - If you think I give two hoots about MOT's verbal diarrhoea, you're mistaken.
if you didn't give two hoots perhaps you'd have the decency of winding your neck in and fucking off?
and Cllr Cross, please note used to not still do. You should be thanking the Owls for softening up Plymouth tonight
Used to is equally as bad. Eek.
How can you possibly "used" to support Luton?
I thought once a fan, always a fan.
or am I just being old fashioned?

Purgatory...fuck off and die
excellent work my bovine friend. As a former colleague of both Patsy Calton and Mark Hunter i can confirm that the former did indeed (very sadly) die and that she had a majority of around 4,000 after the 05 election and that Mark Hunter is the current MP with a majority of around 3,500.
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