Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time to go...perhaps.

You may have noticed that this site has not been updated as much as it should have been as of late. Basically, I really can't get into it and it's kind of...how did Recess Monkey put it?...oh yeh, "a beast you need to keep on feeding". I may be back after Easter, I may not. If not, it's been good.

The beef will be missed no doubt.

Even a post a week is better than nowt at all.
tres profound. maybe it's just a call for help
If you're not enjoying it mate, then don't do it.

But know that your audience very much enjoys it and would miss you if you stopped.
Facebook is to blame, you're not allowed to talk to anyone not in the cult!
Small world! I stumbled across this site (while googling for missus, to find name of british darts player whose trademark is apparently to carry a candle, any ideas?!) .. anyway, i spot the darts post and thought to myself APFSCIL! This guy plays darts in the APFSCIL League. I play in AFPSCIL football and pool league (pool home is king's arms chancery lane, northington st) and we were mulling putting a ncfc team into darts league. Perhaps our paths may cross in the real - and not only the cyber world! Bonne Paques!

aw barry don't leave the blog world!! have break sort yourslef out and come back woth the comedy!
COME BACK BARRY COME BACK! I need a bit of beefy magic.
Where's the Beef?
"Delbert Wilkins said...


No need for that unless you catch sight of Neil Warnock now!
Nah, good riddance to him. It's his kind that have turn this once-great country into the dustbin of Europe.
You cant do this to us Barry!

Need you... love you... miss you!
c'mon Baz...

stop the facebook circle jerk and tell us how good utd were tonight
I still check in every day, hopeful perhaps of a damning of the England cricket team or just an update on darts in the Sports.

I am forlorn.
Monsieur Beef, we need your verdict on the debacle that was the World Cup final!
Pleeeease beefy pleeeasssee!
I can't walk with ouuuutt youuuu, can't talk with ouuuttt youuuu
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