Monday, May 07, 2007

It's Great When You're 28

Wassup homies? It's me, it's me it's that Barry B.
So this one's for all my freaks in cyberspace.
It's been a while now, no? You been missing me? Well I been missing y'all too.
But never fear the smile is back, I'm hot to trot.

SHOCK HORROR - Glenn 'the Smallest Mouth in the Premiership' has been axed as supremo of Newcastle United. His replacement will be notorious big-mouth Sam Allardyce.

Wednesday finish in 9th place. Highly credible and we're on the up and up.

Since the last time I blogged it's nice to see that the Deputy Leadership campaign is *really* hotting up. Sheesh kebab, it's hot. Who'll get my vote? Well, let's just say it's all to play for, and I hope they're just limbering up at the moment.

Oh yeh and McDonnell for leader. If that clown Meacher gets more votes and Maccy D has to back him, it's over. The game is over.

Facebook is still the greatest site in the world.

Michael Vaughan is injured again.

Duncan Fletcher has been given the old heave-ho with Peter Moores becoming the new big cheese. Also good to see, ex-Zimbabwe and Essex star Andy Flower appointed as his deputy.

Cricket season is back on.

And finally Neil Warnock is still the biggest c*nt ever. Come on Wigan, stuff those Pigs and then West Ham can get a point off United and send those Piggy Bastards down.

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The Beef is back! Rejoice!
Well, Glenn Roeder can always join one of those Celebrity Lookalike agencies, as Kevin the Gerbil
cheers red.
personally, i am hoping glenn applies for a job in the House of Commons.

IMPORTANT PERSON #1 - I have a new Researcher. He's not very good, he wears a leather jacket*, sits with his arms folded and has a small world.

IMPORTANT PERSON #2 - Hmmm...doesn't sound much good. What's his name?

IMPORTANT PERSON #1 - Glenn. With two 'n's. But he's only temping I have some whinging, fat, corrupt guy lined up...

* harping back to his Hammers days
I love you Baaa-rrrry
And if it's quite alright
I need you Baaa-rrrry
To warm the lonely night
I love you Baaaa-rrrry
Trust in me and I say ....
Oh pretty Baaaa-rrrry
Repeat ad nauseum!

Great to have you back Beefster!!!
Barry - still alive I see.

Thought the weekend might have finished you off?
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