Friday, May 11, 2007

Yet another reason to watch Eastenders

So Blair goes, as everyone knew he would, and suddenly the whole world stops. Meacher keeps on hanging on like a limpet waiting for someone to strike a match under him. Ok, but life goes on, no? Well it does in Albert Square, a principality in East London that in over 20 years has not been canvassed, despite a future Labour MEP having lived there for a couple of years.
Eastenders, clearly sensing the nation's malaise, has commissioned two new characters...both of them Mitchells. Pleasingly neither of these ladies are bald. Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell will be cousins of Phil, Grant and Sam and will be played by Rita Simons (don't know her, but she is the niece of Sir Alan Sugar) and Samantha Janus. Inexplicably, Hello's website (no scrimping on research) have posted a really bad photo of her.
The eyes of chaps (and some ladies, I'm sure) who grew up in the 90s will light up like a Christmas tree, Cheshire cat smiles all round. Game On!

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