Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Piggy bastards

Today's the day when the Piggys come to Parliament. As you can see from this photograph, they've really turned out in force. That must be about 50, which makes it one of their bigest crowds this season. Please also note the dust-cart driving right past them, how very prophetic. Bunch of twats, fuck off back up the M1 and stop crying like whiny little bitches. Your team was rubbish and that's why you went down. And where are the other supporters? Where's Fulham? Middlesbrough? And Mr Fucking Big Gob himself: Dave Whelan? Is this was British democracy has been reduced to? Makes me sick.


They were all very nice actually Barry.

The one amusing thing from the meeting was that the security guards made all the fans take their shirts off and put them back on again inside out, presumably so that they didn't parade the sponsors all over Parliament. The upshot of this though was that when they all descended on the Committee Room, they decided to whip of their tops once again. Not a pleasant sight - naked pigs. Put me off bacon sarnies for at least a week.
i am sure they're all lovely.
just shouldn't be in the premiership and should fuck off and take it on the chin
I agree. End of the day 10 points and they blew it!
Bollocks. None of them are lovely. They're a bunch of stinking, inbred f*ck-pigs. They deserve to be pissed on from a massive height.

please ripefig, no need for asterixs
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