Thursday, June 14, 2007

Turning Nice Girls Naughty and Nice Guys Stupid

Always brave and ready for change, I got this new Lynx deoderant. Turns nice girls naughty? Wowsers! I'll admit that it wasn't having the desired effect. I walked around much the same as ever without women throwing themselves at me and proclaiming their unbounding lust. The mechanism on this deoderant is annoying, in fact the constant evolution of the spray mechanism on deoderant cans is a bugbear to me. What is wrong with simply pressing down I ask you? Alas, the gods of marketing think otherwise. Anyway, this one is a screw to the right and then press down jobby. After a few goes the can got fucked, in that half the deoderant came out as normal and half kind of trickled down my hand. So I took the lid off it and saw that if I manually put on the plastic...thingy and pressed it'd all be fine. Yet, one morning I managed to put the plastic...thingy on and press at the same time thereby deoderising my eyes. Note to readers: don't ever do this, it stings like fuck.


Couldn't agree more.

I too have had an eye full of deodorant. Grr.

Stupid cans. :-/
I too have been taken in by the disappointing failure of Lynx Vice's marketing promice
Shit spray mechanism and I'd have been hung over I would have got it in the eye too. Strangely enough I did hit my male cat and my female cat started acting all weird. Its Lynx, for Lynx cats clearly. Can't believe I've been buying Lynx for cats all this time.....
It was I who taught you to screw to the right young jedi, and at that time it did press down on your jobby.
Come on Barry, even Ben Affleck can work a can of Lynx. It's a sad state of affairs when a man who wants to be a teacher can't operate a simple 'twist-press' mechanism...
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