Monday, July 30, 2007

Beef Discontinued

The passing of Mike Reid and Shambo serve as the last straws, I'll leave you with my favourite two posts:

The Bobby George Interview

and the Lieutenant Gruber Interview that took the world by storm

It's been fun, but I'm now off to become a teacher. See you.

Beefy you can't leave me. What will I do with myself during those long lonely office hours! Brandy N. ps you're gonna be the best teacher in the world, Sir!
Nnnnnooooooo! We need you beefy! I'm sure you can keep up the entertaining blogging from the classroom!

I hope at least you'll come visit for the re-opening of the Sports post-recess. All the best mate.
A sad day. See ya, Leaf. And take the kids by storm.
I enjoyed your inane ramblings.
good luck in your new mst be mad.
Dude... DI Burnside just appeared on Eastenders dribbling over Pat and Minty got his tits out! How can you leave when such monumental developments are taking place?
Love you Beefy. Am left only with Git faced Fawkes or the Monkey. No offence to the Monkey (all offence possible to Paul Newsnight Fawkes), I think I will re read your old posts.
All my love, Pookiestani
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Pentti Pihvi! Juuri sut löysin ja jo olet mennyt. Hmhp!

Barry Beef! Just found you to find out you're already gone. Shit!
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