Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blair Bitch Project update

'Paint' making mythology cool again

A while back I wondered which one was going to go. Well it's Tony and Sir Ian who are out of the blocks quicker than Ben Johnson (the disgraced Canadian sprinter rather than the great seventeenth century dramatist, poet, and wit) and leaving Lionel trailing in their dust.
So which one has Damocles' sword dangling above them (mythology in a blog, that's cool) is it Sir Ian 'shoot 'em down' Blair or Tony 'Of course it's a Labour Bill' Blair? William Hill has slashed the odds of Tony Blair standing down during 2006 from 2/1 to 6/4. However, 2007 remains the 6/5 favourite year of departure. I could not find any odds for Ian Blair but it seems there is a lengthy queue of people willing the sublimely media non-savant Commissioner to go.
I'll stick my next on the line, and sit on the fence.

Didn't Fathers 4 Justice try and put their entry into the race as to Which Blair Will Go First, with Leo?
I think so but they didn't superimpose Leo head into a picture of Greek mythology, so strictly speaking it doesn't count
Thanks for clarifying the Ben Johnson bit as I went straight to the very obvious poet etc...
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