Thursday, March 16, 2006

How low can you(r viewing figures) go?

Davina: Soon to have ratings only Channel 5 could have dreamt of"

As previously blogged the BBC's Davina has bombed worse than the RAF over Dresden (or is that better?). Last week's all-time low was smashed last night as Davina grabbed a personal best (worst) as her show had 2.3 million viewers. A BBC spokesman said he was "standing by the show" - standing by, but not watching it appears. Perhaps standing by, pointing and laughing?
This weeks celebrties included Michelle Collins and Cyndi Lauper (April 2nd is the 22nd anniversary of Lauper's appearance at the original Wrestlemania. When celebs appear on WWE shows it usually marks that there star is in descent.) No, I can't quite put my finger on why the a*sh*le has fallen out of the figures. Is it the nowhere near A-List celebs, or the host, or the total lack of originality?
Coronation Street trounced Davina by 400%, and if that isn't embarassing enough she was also soundly beaten by religious series A Seaside Parish on BBC Two.

Has Davina been decapitated by that limbo bar Barry?

It's a dnagerous occupation!
But not as dnagerous as my spelling, obviously. ;-)
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