Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally we're thinking what you're thinking

Despite being a very RUDE TORY MAN David 'Call me Dave' Cameron shot up in my estimations (he's now higher than Brian Sewell in my affections) by saying "UKIP is sort of a bunch of ... fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists mostly." Fair enough.
Or not! Because UKIP, the party who stole their emblem from a disused Poundstretcher shop, have taken exception to these comments and have demanded an apology. In their defence UKIP have just appointed a COLOURED to their national executive and his name is Delroy. No really. That's like Leroy, but with a 'D' as well. Here he is. Also in UKIP's ranks is the fat, annoying, pioneer of the Kris Akabusi laugh; 80s TV Chef, Rusty Lee. Rusty's black too. UKIP's Mike Nattrass said: "Rusty is an extremely jolly individual who will get on well with the electorate." Getting the theme yet? And UKIP stand for election meaning they have aspirations to get into No. 10 Downing Street which has a black door.
Honestly, what possible proof could there be that UKIP are racist? What thinly veiled pieces of hate could there be? I present Evidences A and B. And who exactly does Cameron think he is? Everyone knows UKIP's racism is out of the closet. But just to clarify that my party political allegiances are not going to swing...

Readers may be interested to know that other celebrity U-KIPPERS include: Gutbuster's favourite, Edward Fox; Joan Collins; alleged wife-beater, Geoff Boycott; sword of truth exponent and disgraced ex-Tory Minister, Jonathan Aitken; ancient silly-named explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the Tim Henman of Formula 1 (never actually won) Stirling Moss.

Love to see that UKIP are singing the same tune as ever! They're quite happy to hop aboard the EU 'gravy train', claim expenses, say women should be tied to the kitchen sink, swan about Europe and pretend they're not really racist and bonkers! About the only useful thing 'Dave' has said since he won Tory leadership, but is it just spin, or will there be a change in Tory policy - everything's up for grabs at the mo'.
A bit late for a comment after more than 6 years (!), but though I generally agree that UKIP are a shower, and though I think his political views may be disappointing, you don't do your argument any good by crass caricature. I am thinking particularly of Stirling Moss, who was no Tim Henman, however simplistic or plain wrong his political opinions might be. He won just about everything outside and inside Formula 1 with the exception of the overall Formula 1 drivers' championship. And the only reason he did not win that championship was that he was such an honest competitor that he threw away the one point he needed by persuading the authorities not to disqualify a rival. Great man, mistaken views.
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