Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long Roed ahead for Geordies

Glenn Roeder, the man with the impossibly small mouth and the perpetual arms-crossed-in-front-of-chest pose, has been appointed the full-time manager of Newcastle Utd. Wahey man! Seriously, it is incredible that such an appointment should ever have happened. People may well point to the relative upturn in Newcastle's fortunes after Roeder took over from Graeme Souness. In my mind anyone with half a brain could find several teams with worse players, and considerably less cash, than Newcastle - thus making a total nonsense out of the supposed phoenix from the ashes routine that some commentators (tossers) have been sputing.
To put it bluntly, Newcastle are loaded and have enough cash to get in big names and, personally, I would think Ruud Van Nistelrooy may well end up at Newcastle. With Ruud and Michael Owen up front you will not get relegated. N'Zogbia, Dyer, Parker, Emre, Solano and Bowyer are good midfielders and Given is a given as a quality keeper. It is the back four that needs strengthening, or rehauling and a trained chimp could accomplish this.
I don't think Glenn will succeed and think he'll do well to last the whole of next season.

roeder is a joke.

newcastle started to do well because most of their players were fit.

how can freddie sheppard not see that.

i fear another hospital visit later next year glenn
say what you see roy, u big gay
Give the bloke a break. He's better than Souness (wouldn't be hard) and barry beef's only annoyed that we're loads better than his beloved Wednesday!! Aiming for top 5 next year - I live in hope!!
you pointless dick. souness was an embarassment, roeder is useless - ask any West Ham fan. Shepherd is a prick too and Newcastle, for all tehir money and star players, underachieve spectacularly all the time. I would love it, I mean really love it for Geordies to wind their necks in until they actually win something.
seeing that i am a west ham fan, i have first hand experience of the man.

in our relegation year, he made 18 year old joe cole captain, played jermain defoe up front on his own, and left di canio on the bench cause he couldn't handle him.

oh and he also bought repka, hutchison and james for about £13m

bye bye geordies
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