Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You only ming when you're winning

A while ago (February 16th) I wrote a post about Franck Ribery and erroneously referred to him as a "a white-trash, incestuous version of Gary Neville". At least, I thought it was erroneous, but the more I look at him (and it aint that often) the more you can see the possibility.
However, the excellent news is that Franck Ribery has made the French World Cup squad. Just look at him! My God, but that face could re-start the Paris riots.
So the challenge I lay before you is for you, my loyal, ever-suffering readership to find a player in any squad who is uglier than this (I humbly present exhibits 1-6):

If you know of an ugly footballer please email me at barry.beef@gmail.com - to be eligible the player *must* be in a squad for the upcoming 2006 World Cup

On the other end of the scale, you might be amused by this collection of footballer's girlfriends:


It shows that you may be a gangly, ugly bloke with all the footballing talents of a mollusc, but it doesn't stop you getting a hot woman.
An interesting gallery to be sure and not that Bull's are particularly attracted to homo sapien females but, objectively, you've got to say that Christian Karembeu and Danny Murphy are really batting out of their league.

Mrs Karembeu - http://img.bleskovky.sk/14768.jpg

Mrs Danny Murphy -
impossible to find a uglier football player (man?), I think.
Even Ronaldinho's teeths seem beautyful in comparaison with Ribery's ones.
But he is a very very good football player... sometimes he is unstoppable.
The great man Ronaldo himself is hardly a beaut - The egg with teeth motif has been hard to lose.
speaking of footballers ugly wives , i personally think frank lampard could do an awful lot better. he is fat i suppose.

it seems she is so bad that i can't even find a picture of her on tinternet
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