Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ronaldo update (the cheat not the fat one) knocked out again

Hands up who didn't like Ronaldo (the cheat not the fat one) before the World Cup. Now put your hand down I can't see you anyway. The point being is that Ronaldo has been a horrible, cheating diver even before he came on to our footballing radar. Most people knew he'd cheat horribly and it is to our detriment that he chose England, and particularly Rooney, as his principle target.
The people of England and France even put centuries of mutual distrust and ill-feeling behind them to unite in booing the cheat off the park during the semi-final. We felt vindicated, and even lifted, when Ronaldo cried like a girl. Could not have happened to a nicer fellow.
And then came the email campaign: Stop Ronaldo winning the Young Player of the Year award emails swarmed into our inboxes saying Vote for Valencia. The rally call was taken up by Bloggers and by word of mouth. Soon the results were changing; Ronaldo's almost unassailable lead had been assailed (I suppose that might make sense) by Luis Valencia. Personally, I thought he was alright but not much cop. Against England he hardly shone, did he? Anyway Valencia won the internet part of the vote and, I think, six players were shortlisted with the eventual winner being Lukas Podolski of Germany. And guess what? I voted for Podolski! As I never get any predictions right (England to win the World Cup anyone?) I was pretty stoked. And just to make things better, in case you had forgotten, RONALDO LOST. Come on Germany on Saturday. Let's see Ronaldo sent off and mauled by a tiger on the way off the pitch. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

And now he's lost the young player award to Podolski

"We want to have decent behaviour and I admit we were critical of this."
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