Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Massing Massacre

When I set up my blog, I started on an odyssey of World Cup memories. One of these was Benjamin Massing's assault on Claudio Cannigia. Recalling it still makes me smile and now I have found it on YouTube so enjoy.

Superb!!! Why don't they do that these days?
i think it was also during this match when Big Fat Ron made his comment about the Cameroonies enjoying this match back at home in their trees....
times have changed in football!
Oh dear. It seems as though Fat Ron hasn't.
Ah, the naivety of African football.

I love the fact that after giving him a red card the ref shows him the yellow - sort of being sent off and then some.
It is brilliant: Poll did the same thing in this World Cup.
It's the total package. Massing losing his trainer. Burruchaga (I am assuming he's no. 7) giving it to Massing and then bricking it when Massing looks up for it.
And let's not forget the context - opening game of the world cup, "naive" newcomers vs the world champions, Cameroon already down to ten men but, importantly, one goal up. The drama! Ah, brings a tear to my eyes
sorry, I read that as "native newcomers"

must have a touch of the "Ron's"
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Will there be a part 2?

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