Friday, November 03, 2006

Move over Borat and let Balboa take over

A while back I blogged that the one, the only Rocky Balboa was coming back to our screens. So move over Borat cos this is the film everyone should be talking about.
Here's the trailer and a recap of the great man's great fights. That theme's still rocks. C'mon Rochester.

The comebacks by the likes of George Foreman and Joe Bugner were to say the least ill-advised, but this is bordering on the ridiculous! Rocky must be pushing 60!
Ermmm. Its just a movie.

Cool Bazza! Can't wait to see it.
Well I thought the lean, mean, grilling machine was an inspired idea.
You know that on the day of the Rumble in the Jungle, Foreman went a touch mad and started trying to ensure that Bugner could be flown out that day to fight the day after?
Balboa is the greatest. End of.
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