Thursday, December 07, 2006

Name that tune in one

I don't really approve of buskers. Normally, I do not see their boundless enthusiasm being matched by boundless talent. And as much as I appreciate the guy at Tottenham Court Road shaking some noisy ball (probably not the technical term) and singing "Gonna have a party", the Bob Marley guy at Westminster who only knows the words and the quite remarkable violinist (if you get near a note, play it) also at Westminster, you got to think that busking is tantamount to begging.
However, no buskers quite get on my wick as much as the Peruvian Panpipes players. Yesterday, they were on Oxford Street and looking for all the world like Native Americans with head-dresses of feathers and tanned leathers. Anyway, on walking past I picked their tune in about three notes as being one of the instrumentals off the Last of the Mohicans. I was mighty impressed with myself and was left pondering (not for very long at all) very the Peruvians were being frauds and passing it off as their own tune? Honestly, these manufactured boy-bands make me sick.

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That violinist is bloody awful btw. :-/
she is, but i tried to be generous as i would imagine she has some quite challenging mental health issues.
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