Monday, December 04, 2006

No Skeltons in (fr)Audley's cupboard

It is the news that no-one could give a monkeys about, Matt Skelton has pulled out of the BIG FIGHT with A-Force Audley Harrison. So who could stand in at such late notice? The one, the only, the not much good Danny Williams. Yep, it's the fight that sucked ass so much last year. It at first you stage a very poor fight, stage it stage it again. Of course, that old adage.
The only good thing about this is at the trawling through the archives I learnt that this blog is very nearly 1 year old.

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Congratulations on your nearly one year old blog. True. I didn't bother wasting valuable blog space either on the Skelton/Harrison fight although I think Williams heeded the critics the last time and will put on a show this time. Come on Amir Khan!!!
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