Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recess Monkey is my Guardian Angel

Praise be to the Monkey. As well as being the inspiration for being starting this blog in the first place, Mr Monkey never ceases to heap praise on my blog whether in person or through his own Recess Monkey blog. Indeed, back in the days, he very kindly offered me the chance to write for monkey, which I turned down because I am not fit to ties his Simian blogging laces.Anyway, whenever Monkey links to one of my articles my traffic goes up by about 200%, this is really decent of him and appreciated.The last time he linked to me was the ShitinNormanShawSouthbogsgate and, as per the form, my hits went up and up. And today I was informed that it even made it into the Guardian Diary. Nice one Monkey. I'll even swoon when you're serenading dem girls at the next Sports and Social karaoke.

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