Monday, March 27, 2006

Mega farcical metatarsal

Worst waxwork ever?

If the above picture is accurate, Michael Owen will struggle to be fit for the World Cup. But well done to the brighters ones amongst you for noticing that the above is not Michael Owen but moreover a waxwork. Presumably a waxwork made by someone who has never seen Michael Owen. And, get this, the guy behind Michael Owen is Ian Botham.
Owen injured his metatarsal on New Years' Eve, happy days when Souness was still manager of Newcastle, Whales were yet to invade and Barney was still with the BDO. The initial diagnosis was 8-10 weeks out, as it is now the end of March it makes you wonder whether Multiplex organised Owen's health plan.
People will undoubtedly remember Uri Geller doing his bit for England by beseeching people to touch an image of David Beckham's foot on the TV in the run-up to the 2002 World Cup (it was a T.V programme rather than people having a picture of his foot on their TV) to heal Golden Balls who had suffered a similar injury. So please summon up all your GOOD energy (no bad energy thanks) and pass it to Michael Owen.

I have a copy of that picture on my PC. I was going to collect them for a pub quiz round with really bad waxworks and people had to guess who they were meant to be.

But all I could find were that and this one.

On a previous quiz I used photos from lookalike agencies of people who didn't look much like at all, but could not find enough examples of waxworks.
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